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Deaf awareness activities for children and young people

Try these activities with children and young people in your class or group to help make them more deaf aware.

Fruit salad game

Sit the children in a circle and assign each child the name of one of three fruits. For example, orange, banana and apple. Choose one child to be the signer and ask them to stand somewhere visible.

The standing child signs one of the three fruits using the signs included in the video below, and each child with that fruit name must stand and try to get to another of the now vacant places. The signing child must try to steal a place too.

The last child standing must now take the place of the signer. Once the children have got the hang of the game and have gained confidence with the signs, get the signer to sign ‘mix up’ from the video and all the children have to change places and find a new seat.

Watch BSL signs for fruit