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Our comics

We've created a number of comics for children to help them understand experiences such as going to the hearing clinic and getting grommets, hearing aids and cochlear implants. 

We've also published a number of children's books featuring deaf characters and you can order them online.

Ali gets hearing aids

Cover of 'Ali gets hearing aids'

Ali has been told he needs hearing aids.

This comic follows him as he goes to the audiologist to have earmoulds made, then his hearing aids fitted, what a difference the hearing aids make and how he looks after them.

Order or download 'Ali gets hearing aids'

Chloe gets cochlear implants

Cover of 'Chloe Gets Cochlear Implants' comic

Chloe's audiologist has told her that her hearing has got worse which means her hearing aids need to be replaced with cochlear implants.

This comic shows Chloe researching the implants, having her operation and also having the cochlear implant turned on.

Order or download 'Chloe gets cochlear implants'

Going to the hearing clinic

Cover of 'Going to the Hearing Clinic' comic

This comic explains what happens when you visit the hearing clinic for the first time.

It gives children the chance to understand what it will be like to meet their audiologist and have their hearing tested.

Order or download 'Going to the hearing clinic'

Harvey gets grommets

Cover of 'Harvey Gets Grommets' comic

Harvey can't hear very well so his mum takes him to the doctor, who says Harvey has glue ear.

This comic explains what happens when Harvey visits the doctor, and then goes to the hospital to get grommets.

Order or download 'Harvey gets grommets'