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Join us in our fight to make every moment count

In the first five years of life a child’s brain develops faster than at any other point.

But for deaf children, who face challenges with language and communication, it’s a critical time. Right now, deaf children aren’t getting the support they need early enough.

Two-thirds of deaf children in England are already behind when they complete their first year of school. This has to change.

Join us in our fight to make every moment count.

Why the early years are so important

Find out what the research tells us.

Our new strategy

Our five-year strategy is all about making every moment count, in the early years and beyond. We won’t rest until we reach every deaf child, as early as we possibly can.

We'll achieve our goal by:

Find out more about our new five-year strategy

What you can do:

Demand action

Join our Campaigns Network and take a stand for deaf children. There are lots of ways you can get involved, from signing petitions to contacting your local MP.


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Join us and get free support for you and your deaf child. We offer online events, one-to-one support and a wealth of information on childhood deafness.


Transform a deaf child’s future with a one-off or regular gift. You’ll be making sure deaf children get the best support at every step of their journey.

Be deaf-friendly

Find out how you can become more deaf aware. Take a look at our communication tips and deaf awareness resources.

Follow the conversation on social media

Watch our celebrity supporter Tasha Ghouri on Good Morning Britain speaking about her experience of growing up deaf and the importance of deaf children getting more support in school.

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