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Waiting for Freddie's genetic testing

Published Date: 10 Nov 2022

Freddie’s MRI scan and genetics testing have been approved! We're awaiting a date for Freddie’s MRI, but his genetic testing begins in two weeks. We’re anxious yet excited to start this process as we hope to get some answers, but we’re not going to get our hopes up as we have been made aware we may never have an answer as to why he’s deaf, and that’s OK.

Freddie’s dad has been away for nearly six weeks and is due home for two weeks and then away again until Christmas. It’s awful being apart, especially when Daddy is Freddie’s absolute hero. I have been using this time to try and teach Freddie to say ‘Daddy’. He points to his photos on the wall and blows kisses every day. They have a beautiful bond, and I can’t wait for them to reunite. Also, having an extra set of eyes and hands in the house will be a bonus, especially as Freddie has developed a love of climbing the furniture.

Freddie has had a virus recently which resulted in him needing a temporary inhaler. Inhaler plus a poorly 17-month-old who had to be ‘therapeutically held’ whilst administering inhaler, whilst husband is away = not fun!

The cough and cold symptoms had me running to the medical centre for them to check his ears again. I hope I’m not the only parent of a deaf child who does this – it can make me feel quite dramatic. Luckily his ears were fine, and he’s getting back to himself, socialising with his friends, dancing to the Big Bang Theory theme song (Freddie’s absolute favourite), and enjoying running away from mummy as I chase him around the house and garden.


Beth and her husband Nick are parents to Freddie (1) who has a profound hearing loss in his left ear. The family travel a lot for Nick’s work and currently live abroad.