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Other people who can help

Deaf people and the Deaf community

Deaf adults can provide an insight into the experience of growing up deaf and can also be a useful source of information about a wide range of issues relating to communication and Deaf culture and identity. Sometimes the professionals who work with you will be deaf, but if they aren’t, there are other ways to meet deaf adults.

At our family events we often have deaf adults as guest speakers who discuss their experiences and answer questions from parents. You can see upcoming events here.

Another way to meet deaf adults is by attending events organised by or created for members of the Deaf community. There are a number of these across the UK including a film and art festival and lots of sports events.

In many areas there are centres or clubs for deaf people that may be able to give you more information. It is worth using an internet search engine to see what is available in your area.

Parents and carers of deaf children

Other parents and carers of deaf children can help by:

  • sharing their experiences with you
  • telling you about organisations and sources of information they have found useful
  • listening to and understanding how you feel
  • sharing their feelings and explaining how these have changed over time
  • telling you about their child’s achievements and giving you an opportunity to meet older deaf children
  • arranging opportunities to get together, so your children can meet other deaf children.

National Deaf Children's Society family events

Join our supportive community and attend online and in-person events where you will have the chance to meet other parents and deaf children. Membership for parents and carers is free – join now

See when these events are happening

Local deaf children's societies

There are over 100 local deaf children’s societies across the UK that we work closely with. These local support groups run a number of activities and social events and provide support to parents and carers. They are also a great way for deaf children to meet outside of school.

Our local support groups

There are local deaf children's societies all over the UK.