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Social services

Photo: Social services support for deaf children

Social services are part of your local authority. As a parent of a deaf child, you can ask for an assessment of the needs of both you and your child. It's important to remember that not all social services departments give the same level of service, but in your area, social services may provide:

  • equipment for your child
  • sign language classes (sometimes called language aid schemes)
  • local organisations
  • play schemes
  • parents’ groups.

How social workers can help your child

Social workers are professionals who are normally employed by local authorities. They provide practical help and advice about counselling, transport, home help, and other services.

Social workers may also be able to help you claim welfare or get equipment you need at home. They can put families in touch with other services, such as sign language classes, parents’ groups or play schemes.

In some areas, social service departments have specialist social workers who work with deaf children. In other areas, social workers work within teams supporting a range of disabled children.

Our social care resources provide information on a number of issues relating to social services and the assistance they can provide you and your child.

You can find the resources for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland here. 

Watch social worker Jo, in the video below, explain how she works with parents and other professionals to help encourage personal growth in children and make sure their needs are being met.

Social services

We ask social worker Jo how her role helps deaf children and their families.