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Book review: Can Bears Ski?

Written by Raymond Antrobus, Illustrated by Polly Dunbar
Available from Tales on Moon Lane and other bookshops
Ages: 3-7

Reviewed by Sian, mum to Llion (5) and Ania (2). Ania is moderately to severely deaf and wears hearing aids.

Ania and Llion

"Can Bears Ski? is a beautiful, heartwarming children’s book about a little bear and his dad and the journey they go on to find out if Little Bear needs hearing aids. This book is brilliant and captured the imagination of the whole family. It helped us understand what it’s like to find out you can’t hear well.

This book is easy to read. Ania was immediately drawn to the colourful
illustrations in the book and instantly connected with the hearing aids Little Bear is wearing, which look like hers. The clever use of small to really large text helped Ania understand when something was meant to be quiet or loud. Because of this, the book illustrates how Little Bear experiences the world.

Ania’s big brother Llion was hooked by the skiing references, but the story of Little Bear has helped him to understand what his sister goes through at her audiology appointments. It’s encouraged us all to talk about how not being able to hear might feel for Ania and Little Bear. Our favourite part is when Little Bear gets his hearing aids and we find out if bears really can ski!

I would highly recommend this book for the whole family, especially for anyone supporting their child the same way as Dad Bear. We absolutely adore this book and it has fast become a bedtime favourite in our house."