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Book review: Jake and Jasmine to the Rescue

Written by Karen Harlow and illustrated by Sandra Aguilar
National Deaf Children’s Society, 2017
Ages: 0-10
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We think it’s important for deaf children to see themselves reflected in the books they read and know they can do anything their hearing friends can do, so we’re excited to have published our second children’s book. When Jake, who is deaf and has a cochlear implant, returns to his superhero school after the summer he finds out that Tilly, the school’s tortoise, has gone missing. Jake teams up with Jasmine, a new girl in his class, and together they go on a quest to find the school’s much-loved pet and show that anyone can be a superhero!

Reviewed by Lisa, mum to Chloe (6) and Jack (5), both of whom are profoundly deaf and have bilateral cochlear implants.

Chloe and Jack

"We read this book to both our children and they were completely engaged and keen to see what was going to happen next. They thought it was fun and interesting, especially when the superheroes used their superpowers.

It was great that a couple of signs were added to the book, both our children pointed this out and did the signs while reading. They talked about what was happening and their favourite parts. The fact that Jake has a belt to hold everything for his cochlear implant was a great addition.

We would recommend this book and both children said they would read it again. It’s great to have a deaf role model that they can relate to and who comes to the rescue and does something amazing. Superheroes are cool!"

Reviewed by Charlotte, mum to Lauren (7) who has a severe bilateral hearing loss.


"Lauren really enjoyed the story of Jake’s first day back at superhero school after the summer holidays. It’s very encouraging and positive to see that Jake likes to wear his cochlear implant and puts it on in the morning by himself as part of his getting dressed routine.

The book also shows how Jake uses different communication techniques with some basic sign language. The way it explains how Jake needs the correct environment to be able to hear well is done simply and easily for the reader to understand.

The book is very colourful and visual and, with help, Lauren could read most of the book by herself. It’s great to be able to read books with characters who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants as on a day-to-day basis Lauren doesn’t see other children wearing them."

Lauren says: “I thought the story was very funny and loved how Jake could change shape with his superpower. I also liked that he made a new friend and was kind.”