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Book review: Lizzie and Lucky - The Mystery of the Missing Puppies

Written by Megan Rix, Illustrated by Tim Budgen
Penguin Books
Ages 5-10

Reviewed by Elodie (6) who's moderately deaf and wears hearing aids, and her mum Hannah.


"This book is about a girl called Lizzie who wants a dog and manages to save a dog who someone has stolen. Lizzie is deaf and her parents are deaf too. Lizzie’s friend is hearing and they communicate through a mixture of sign and lip-reading. The story is really about the mystery that Lizzie is solving though.

It was an exciting story – I liked how Lizzie saved the cute dog. I was worried when the thief’s van parked up with the dogs inside, but at the end all the dogs were saved, phew! It’s the first chapter book that I’ve read and it was nice to listen to my mum read it to me."

Mum Hannah adds: "Lucky and Lizzie is short enough to read to a child in a few sittings, or for a young reader to read themselves. I’d say it’s most suitable for children aged 5 to 7. Apart from the picture of Lizzie wearing hearing aids on the front cover, there weren’t many similarities between my daughter’s experience of deafness and Lizzie’s, however it was easy to read and we still enjoyed it."