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Book review: Ranvir Cannot Hear

Written by Genevieve Yusuf and illustrated by Shermain Philip
Available from Amazon
Ages: 0–10

Reviewed by Elena, mum to twins Timothy and Ashley (4). Ashley has a moderate to severe hearing loss.

Ashley and Timothy

"This book is set in the plains of India and is about a little elephant named Ranvir who cannot hear but he can do other things. Ranvir sets off on a journey to search for his hearing and along the way he meets new friends who, like Ranvir, are unable to do certain things.

I particularly liked the message that the story conveys: don’t worry about what you can’t do but concentrate on what you can. It’s a lovely, thought provoking story of empowerment that encourages children to focus on the skills and talents that they have. The book is very colourful and has beautiful illustrations. My sons particularly liked the anteater who was wearing spotted trousers and also liked the British fingerspelling alphabet at the back of the book and pointed to each letter and signed it.

My only suggestion would be that Ranvir could have had a hearing aid or cochlear implant but that’s personal preference and wouldn’t stop me recommending the book."