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Book review: Unravel

Written by Amelia Loken
Available from Amazon

Price: £14.47
Ages: 11 to 25

Reviewed by Pearl (16), who is profoundly deaf and uses cochlear implants.

‘Unravel’ is a beautifully written book about a deaf princess named Marguerite who’s secretly a witch. She lives with her loving father and grandfather, along with her loathsome uncle. Her uncle hates her because she’s the next heir to the throne and is deaf. Her uncle also despises witches and magic, leading the princess to hide the fact that she’s a witch.

The story follows the journey of the deaf princess, who loves her people and tries to save them, while her uncle treats her brutally behind the castle doors. She meets new people as she faces obstacles. It’s a story about love, secrecy, bravery, identity and discoveries. But most of all, when she faces an unexpected hurdle, it causes the princess heartache and forces her to make the most difficult, heart-wrenching decision she has ever had to face. Will she be OK?

I would totally recommend ‘Unravel’ to any teen who wants to read a story featuring a deaf character, because I’m sure they will enjoy the story as I did. When I received the book, I was immensely thrilled to start reading. I was completely hooked and lost in the story after two pages. ‘Unravel’ is a very engaging and captivating story that I’m very glad to have finally read.