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Skye's workplace advice

Published Date: 25 Jan 2024

Working can be tough for D/deaf people. People in workplaces may not be aware of us or are not educated on how to help us. Being the only D/deaf person in a workplace can sometimes feel isolating, lonely and stressful if you have no one to relate to or for you to fall back on.

Whether you’re starting a job, lost your hearing in the middle of having a job, went through the transition of hearing aids to cochlear implant etc, it’s always helpful to sit down with whoever you feel comfortable with and discuss the changes that can be made at work to help you feel more comfortable.

It can be daunting to speak to managers or staff members as it can make you feel vulnerable and exposed. Do not pressure yourself – only say what you’re comfortable saying, then work from there. Writing down in a list what you want to talk about can help as it gives you reassurance that you won’t forget what you want to say, and you won’t walk out of the meeting thinking, ‘Oh I wish I said this’.

Make sure you feel comfortable at work and that you have things in place to help make the job easier. Never be afraid to speak up!

Stay strong,
Skye x


Skye (22) is severely to profoundly deaf and uses cochlear implants. You can follow Skye on Instagram at @deaf.empowerment_ where she promotes deaf awareness.