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Deaf Awareness for Employers and Professionals

The Deaf Works Everywhere campaign is here to help raise the aspirations of deaf young people and support their transition into the world of work.

Here you will find essential information, to empower you to support your team and the deaf young people you engage with. All so that they can confidently make important decisions in their life. The ones needed to accomplish their career goals.

Deaf Works Everywhere shares stories from deaf professionals that have faced challenges along their journey, and they tell us how they overcame them so they could achieve amazing things.

We aim to give you - teachers, careers advisors and Teachers of the Deaf - the tools necessary to educate deaf young people. You will be equipped with essential information about employment, and the industries and roles available to them.

If you are an employer, we will provide you with information for you and your organisation to become deaf aware. This should enable you to hire deaf employees with confidence.

You probably understand that deaf young people will face barriers when starting their careers. But that shouldn’t stop them dreaming big and achieving their goals.

Help inspire deaf young people today. Together, we can show the world that deaf works everywhere.