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Book review: M19: The Beginning

Written by Adam Rood
Illustrated by Lesley Danson
Ages: 5 to 14

Tiana (9) is profoundly deaf in one ear and wears a bone anchored hearing aid.


"MI9: The Beginning by Adam Rood is about a boy named Billy, who wears hearing aids because he has microtia. He also has a superhero power to read people’s thoughts. I think the book is for newly confident readers.

My first reaction to the book was excitement. I found it easy to read by myself, though I did ask my mum for help with some of the words to understand them.

I have never ever read a book like this one in my life! I felt I had things in common with the character Billy, as we both have green eyes and super hearing aids, although I was born with a unilateral hearing loss. I learned more about microtia and how it affected the shape of Billy’s ear.

I would buy this book 100% and I recommend all children to read this book. This is one of my new favourite books!"