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Olivia starts nursery

Published Date: 18 Jan 2024

A few months ago, our sunshine girl embarked on her next chapter as she began nursery.

We weren’t ready. But Olivia absolutely was. We knew she needed more opportunities to independently learn how to cope in a hearing world.

As her parents, it’s hard to let go and trust others with the most important little person in our lives. But we know she will thrive and take it in her stride, just as she does with everything else. Olivia needs and craves more independence and opportunity to explore the world outside of our family bubble. It was time we gave her that opportunity.

Over the past few months, we have fought relentlessly to get the right support put in place for Olivia. As such, we have been able to remove barriers to her learning and make this next chapter possible for her. She will go to nursery with a variety of support in place for her to continue to thrive and learn through British Sign Language (BSL). Something that wasn’t on offer before our fight began.

She continues to be a little trailblazer and inspires others to be more aware, more adaptable and to make positive changes to ensure inclusivity for deaf children.

We noticed the hunger and desire Olivia had to learn and grow. We explained to our local authority how, with the right support, access to language, love and attention, a deaf child can truly flourish.

Now she’s fully settled in she loves the routine. All the staff have been so welcoming and proactive from the start, asking questions and clarifying signs to get it right for her, and ensuring she is included at every turn.

They have BSL signs in all the different areas of the nursery and have adapted to meet her needs as much as they can. Her key worker is committed to getting it right for Olivia, and it’s so refreshing. Olivia has already started making little friends who are learning to sign back to her.

Onwards and upwards for our wee superstar!

Yasmin and Scott

Yasmin and Scott are parents to Olivia (2), who is profoundly deaf. Olivia and her family are currently learning British Sign Language (BSL). They live at home in Scotland with their wee dog, Milo.