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Making sure I get the education I'm entitled to

Published Date: 07 Mar 2024

Growing up, I went to mainstream schools which meant that I was the only deaf person I knew. Being the only deaf person was isolating and lonely at times as there was no one that could relate to me or understand how I felt.

I would wear a radio aid which helped me hear my teachers better and clearer, but it took me a long time to feel OK wearing it and for other people to see it. I soon realised that it doesn’t matter if other people see my radio aid as it’s a part of me and it means I can get the education I’m entitled to.

My Teacher of the Deaf would have meetings with my teachers prior to starting the new school year to make them aware of my needs and what they need to do to help me learn.

Having to explain my deafness to my peers was a huge worry of mine, and I remember being so scared to show my hearing aids, so I would try and cover them as much as I could. However, when I told my friends about it, they were good about it. Of course they had questions, but they were so chill about it which made me feel so relaxed!

I would always make sure that I sat front and centre in the classroom and made sure that the teachers always faced forwards so I could lipread. Obviously, they would forget sometimes and talk with their mouths covered or turn their backs to me, but after I reminded them, it was all good.

My advice to others would be to make sure you let your teacher know how best to accommodate you as you’re allowed to have access to the same education as hearing people. Do not let anything get in your way of being the best you can be, and aim for the stars. I had teachers tell me I couldn’t do the job I’m doing now, but that gave me motivation and strength to prove them wrong.

Stay amazing,
Skye x


Skye (22) is severely to profoundly deaf and uses cochlear implants. You can follow Skye on Instagram at @deaf.empowerment_ where she promotes deaf awareness.