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Your rights, your stories

Below is a selection of family stories where parents have used the law, often with the help of our Children and Family Support Officers, to make sure their deaf child got the support they needed.

Using the Equality Act to get the right school placement

Charlie, who is moderately to severely deaf, started primary school in September. He enjoys school and has made new friends, but things could have been very different had parents Suzi and Martin not fought to get him into a school with good acoustics.

Read Charlie's story.

Arguing the case for a summer born child to start school a year late

Alfie, who is profoundly deaf, was a late summer baby which meant when he started school he’d be a year younger than many of his classmates and likely to struggle. So parents, Melissa and Mark applied to delay him starting school by a year. 

Read Alfie's story.

Fighting for the right support at school

Helen fought for years to get a school that could support the needs of her son Nathan, 13, who is profoundly deaf. With the National Deaf Children’s Society right behind her, now he’s making real progress.

Read Nathan's story.

Challenging the local authority’s refusal to allow an out-of-county school placement

Getting your deaf child into the right school can feel like a daunting task and it’s even tougher when you have twins with different needs. Mum Michelle shares the challenges she faced getting Liam and Oscar into the right school for them.

Read Liam and Oscar's story.

Refusing to accept the wrong Disability Living Allowance (DLA) decision

Annette had all kinds of worries about her deaf son, Oliver, including how they’d manage financially. But after receiving our help the future is looking brighter.

Read Oliver's story.

Getting the right technology for your child

Katherine’s son Monty is profoundly deaf in one ear but she was told it wouldn’t affect him and nothing needed to be done. Then she discovered CROS (contralateral routing of signal) aids and was astonished at the impact.

Read Monty's story.

Campaigning for the rights of deaf young people

Max (19), who uses British Sign Language (BSL), is thriving in his engineering apprenticeship but difficulty passing his functional skills English was holding him back, so his family campaigned for change. 

Read Max's story.

Getting support from the local council

Parents Natalie and Chris didn’t know what to expect when son Henry (8) was diagnosed with otosclerosis, a rare form of progressive deafness. But being proactive and giving Henry a say on things affecting him has enabled him to thrive.

Read Henry's story.

Appealing a cochlear implant refusal, DLA decision and school placement

Miladur explains how he fought for his daughter, Humaira's, right to a second cochlear implant, DLA and a place at the right school.

Read Humaira's story.