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About your disability: PIP2 form

Photo: Completing the form can be complicated so you may need some help

If you meet the basic conditions you will be sent a PIP form called ‘How your disability affects you’ by post, it's also known as the 'PIP2 questionnaire'. 

This can take up to two weeks to arrive, if it doesn’t arrive then chase it up in case it’s got lost.

You have six weeks from registering your claim to return the form, the deadline will be on the form but you can ask for more time if you need it such as getting help to fill it in. If you don’t send it back in time and haven’t got an extension your claim will be cancelled and you will have to start over again meaning you could lose money.

Completing the form can be complicated so you might want to ask for help but also speak to people who know you well who may be able to give a different view.  You can also get advice about the form or to help you check it. You can contact our helpline.

Filling in the form (PIP2)

It’s important to be as accurate as you can but sometimes the questions may seem confusing. Don’t worry about repeating yourself and remember you can get help with this.

Before filling in the form it's a good idea to take a look through and spend some time thinking about how things and what the challenges you face and how you manage these. You might want to keep a diary for a couple of weeks to help remember what you do. Remember you can always go back to the form.

The questionnaire doesn’t include questions about every descriptor, so you might find it useful to look at the activities in sections two and three before starting on the form. You should decide which descriptors you think you should score on, then include these, along with the reasons why, on the form. You may need to use the text boxes for each activity and include extra pages.

If the your difficulties vary from day to day, or in certain situations, explain what makes it harder or easier to do the particular activity. Also think about how your ability to perform the activity varies through the day, for example you may find that you get tired as the day passes and find it harder to concentrate in the afternoon or evening.

You may find that some of the difficulties you have apply to more than one question. If so, it's better repeat yourself and provide the same information several times. Don’t worry if your answers seem to be getting very long. The boxes on the questionnaire for explaining your difficulties are quite small. If you need extra space, you should use the box at question 15 or add extra sheets to the questionnaire.