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Mother's Day QA with Ffion-Hâf

Published Date: 10 Mar 2024

[For this Mother’s Day, Ffion-Hâf answered our questions about her mum, Kristy.]

  1. Can you remember a time you had a LOT of fun with your mum?
    On holiday, we always have lots of fun. My mum comes in the pool with me and we go to the beach and have fun in the waves! I love going on holidays with her.

  2. What do you do that makes your mum laugh?
    Me and my brother, Macsen, we do silly things that make her laugh all the time, like impersonations – she loves it when do them! One time, she laughed so much that she spat her drink out and it went all over the floor!

  3. How does your mum help you?
    She helps me a lot. Because she is a teacher, she always helps me with my homework which sometimes I don’t want to do! She helps me in other ways too, like she will listen to me if something is bothering me, she cheers me up if I’m sad and she always makes us nice food.

  4. How has your mum helped you feel proud of your deaf identity?
    My mum has helped me with this a lot because she is a Teacher of the Deaf. I used to be embarrassed that I was deaf and try and hide my cochlear implants, but now I’m proud to be deaf. She has helped me understand my deafness and always tries to get me involved with deaf groups and deaf events.

  5. What is something your mum is really good at?
    She is a really good cook! She always makes nice things for us for supper and she makes the best roast dinner! We make lots of cakes together too. I think she is a really good teacher too because she helps me a lot with my homework and explains things well.

  6. How do you, Elin and Macsen make your mum feel special?
    Sometimes, I make her coffee when she doesn’t ask – she likes this. On Mother’s Day, we will give her breakfast in bed and we buy her favourite things to say thank you for everything. Candles and books – she likes them a lot! We sometimes take her out for food too as a surprise.

  7. What makes you proud of your mum?
    The biggest thing I’m proud of her for is playing rugby for Wales Deaf in the World Cup. She worked so hard to get there and I think she is the best role model to other deaf children who want to play deaf sports.

Kristy is a Teacher of the Deaf. She lives in South Wales with her wife Elin, her son Macsen (17), her daughter Ffion-Hâf (13), and their puppy Llew!

Kristy was born D/deaf, and her daughter Ffion-Hâf is profoundly deaf and wears bilateral cochlear implants.