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The best part about being Kenzie's mum

Published Date: 16 Mar 2023

Being a mum is the best gift in the world, but being Kenzie's mum is just that little bit more special. I’m so incredibly lucky that I get to spend every day with my best friend and go on our little adventures.

There was a time when I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to hear Kenzie call me ‘mummy’ or hear him tell me he loves me. In fact, what upset me the most was that he may never be able to hear me tell him how much I love him.

Now, I hear ‘mummy’ a hundred times a day, and I wouldn't change it for the world. We always have our competitions about who loves each other the most. "I love you all the way to space," I will say, and Kenzie will reply, "I love you all around the world" or "I love you fifty thousand miles".

The best part about being Kenzie's mum is watching him grow into the most incredible, strong and loving little boy that he is. He makes me so unbelievably proud every single day with what he’s able to achieve.

Kenzie has been through more in the past four years than most people do in a whole lifetime, but he doesn't let it get him down. He’s still the happiest most confident little boy you will ever meet.

Not only has Kenzie faced his own hurdles and smashed every milestone, he's also becoming an incredible role model for others and inspiring other people just like him. And he's still only four years old!

I call him my little superhero because of his magic ears and how brave he is, and the title could not be more true. He truly is a superhero, and I would not change him for the world.

He has shown me that whatever life throws at us, we fight it together and come out stronger the other side. No matter what Kenzie has to face, he does it all with a big brave smile on his face, and he doesn't let anything stop him achieving what he wants to achieve in life.

He has proven that having a disability doesn't need to be a barrier. In fact, he has shown us how he can use this as a strength and help others who are just like him.

Becoming a mum changes your life forever, but Kenzie truly has changed mine in so many ways. He has made me a stronger and more positive person and made me look at life completely differently. I’m forever thankful that I get to be his mummy and that I get to share my life with my true love.


Becky is mum to Mackenzie (5), who is profoundly deaf. Mackenzie was fitted with cochlear implants in January 2020. Becky also blogs about family life, you can find her at @youdontneedtohear on Facebook.