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Helping your child plan for their future

Photo: Work together with your deaf child to explore options

What you can do to support them

Support from parents (and the rest of the family) is so important for your son or daughter when they start thinking about their future and what they would like to do as they grow up.

At around age 14, your child will need to start making key decisions that will affect their future, such as choosing what subjects to study. The more information you know about the options open to them, the better position you’ll be in to positively support and encourage them to think independently about their future, and be empowered to make those decisions. Your child’s decisions should be based on their personal interests, aspirations and abilities, and as a parent, you play a key role in helping them to uncover just what those are.

Help your child by:

  • having a good general understanding of the options available
  • listening carefully to their views, without being judgmental or critical
  • being open to new ideas and possibilities
  • encouraging them to explore all their options
  • reminding them that their deafness isn’t a barrier.

“My deafness didn’t stop me!”

Deafness shouldn’t be a barrier stopping your child doing what they really want to do. For example, there are only a small number of jobs that deaf people aren’t allowed to do, because being able to hear is important for safety reasons. With the right support, most education and career options will be open to your child so make sure they aim high! Some of their options include: work experience and internships, further education, higher education (university, higher apprenticeship etc.), work, apprenticeships, volunteering, gap years and travel. Our section for deaf young adults has information on some of these options as well as on events, money management, rights, health, building confidence and making sure they get the right support, whatever options they choose.

Planning for the future (transition)

When your child is moving from one stage of their life to another, for example leaving education to start work, it’s called ‘transition’. When your child is 13 or 14, and if they have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, statement or additional support needs (ASN), their school or local authority may hold a transition plan meeting. This meeting is the first step to planning and preparing for your child’s future and will help to ensure that they make a successful move into further education, training or employment. Find out more about transition meetings.

For more information on how to help your child plan for their future, download our factsheet: Supporting Your Child (14 years ) in Making Choices About Their Education and Future Careers (England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland).

Information for deaf young people

We have information created especially for deaf young people about their options as they grow up.

If your child is aged 13–18, they can visit our Buzz website.

If you have a 19–25 year-old, we have information especially for them on our website.