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Mother's Day QA with Isabelle

Published Date: 10 Mar 2024

For Mother’s Day this year, the National Deaf Children’s Society wanted to know what children thought about their mums. So we asked Isabelle a few questions to see what she’d say!

  1. What’s mum’s name? Nicola Lacy
  2. How old is mum? 36
  3. What is mum’s favourite thing to do? Playing monopoly with me and eating chocolate!
  4. What does mum do while you’re at school? Well she does hanging up the washing and probably tidying my room and playing with my brother. 
  5. Can you remember a time you had a LOT of fun with mum? We went to the theatre just us to see Zog and the Flying Doctors. I got sweets in the theatre and we had our photo in a booth and we had pizza in a restaurant after!
  6. What do you do that makes mum laugh? Tickle her and call her a pickle! 
  7. How does mum help you? She helps me with my homework and she helps me with brushing my teeth. I have five wobbly ones now!
  8. What do you, mum and Jack all have in common? We are deaf. Only Jack and Mum wear hearing aids and I have cochlear implants. 
  9. What is something your mum is really good at? She is really good at drawing and writing. Last week we drew treasure maps. X marks the spot!
  10. How do you, dad and Jack make mum feel special? At Christmas we give her a really special present and actually last Christmas we gave her earrings.

I will never take for granted being a mum, even on the days they are driving me crackers jumping off the sofas and winding each other up! Bringing our two babies up is the biggest privilege I could possibly wish for. I have the best mum myself, and my hope is that my two grow up to have the same close relationship with me that I have with mine. I want them to know their mum tried her best even on the hard days, that she was there every step of the way and never missed the chance to wrap them in a cuddle.

Happy Mother’s Day here’s to the foster mums, step mums, not yet mums, those without mums, the grieving mums and the single mums. Mamas you are enough!


Nicky and her husband Ross are parents to Isabelle (5) and Jack (2). Isabelle is profoundly deaf and wears cochlear implants, and  Jack is severely to profoundly deaf and wears hearing aids. Nicky is severely deaf herself and wears a hearing aid.