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Photo: We send regular e-newsletters to our parent and professional members.

We produce e-newsletters for our parent and professional members packed full of useful information. Find out more about them below. 

If you want to receive our e-newsletters, register on our website and set your preferences. If you already have an account on our website but don't currently receive our e-newsletters, log in now and update your preferences. 

Families e-newsletters

Our Families e-newsletters are sent via email monthly to all parent members who have signed up to receive them. 

They are segmented by the age of your child: early years, primary years, secondary years, post-16 and general. The general email is based on the primary years email and goes to those who we don’t know the age of their child or to extended family members.

Our e-newsletters are themed and cover many different topics from finance to deaf awareness or activities and support networks. 

They contain lots of useful information, linking to handy webpages, resources, interesting stories from parents and young people and new videos. 

One parent said: "I love the e-newsletters. I find them very easy to 'click' to what I really need to read. They are brilliant!"  

Professionals' update e-newsletters

Our Professionals’ update e-newsletters are sent via email around once every two months to professionals who have signed up to receive them.

They are segmented by the country you live in: England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Our e-newsletters cover many different topics relevant to education, health and social care professionals. They link to useful resources, videos, webpages and events.