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Glossary: G


A section of a DNA molecule in a cell that carries the instructions, or code, for making a protein. 

Genetic counselling

Genetic counselling provides information to anyone who has questions about a condition in themselves, their child(ren) or other family members which they think may be inherited. Some people may want information simply to understand their own situation better. Sometimes information may influence decisions about management. For other people, they may want to know their own chance of either inheriting or passing on a condition.

Genetic counsellor

A member of the clinical genetics team who usually has a background in nursing and/or genetics and is trained in clinical genetics and counselling

Genetic testing

A blood test that is used to look for a gene or genes known to cause deafness. All the genes that cause deafness have yet to be identified and for most there is no routine test. This means that even if deafness is inherited, it may not be possible to confirm this with a genetic test.

Glue ear (otitis media with effusion)

Fluid builds up in the middle ear, which makes it harder for the sound to travel from the outer ear to the inner ear. This can cause temporary deafness, which may come and go.

GP (general practitioner)

The general practitioner (GP) is often known as your family doctor. The GP works in the community and is often the first point of contact for parents. In most cases it is the GP who would refer children to an audiology clinic or specialist for further tests or treatment when appropriate.


Small plastic tubes inserted into a child's eardrum as a treatment for glue ear.