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Glossary: R

Radio aid

A radio aid consists of a transmitter (used by the person who is talking) and a receiver (used by the deaf child/adult). A microphone picks up the speaker’s voice. The sounds are then transmitted by radio waves to the receiver. 

Reasonable adjustment

A reasonable adjustment is a change a provider/school makes so that a disabled child can do something which he/she would not otherwise be able to do: deaf awareness training for staff, for example.


A changed gene whose effect remains hidden because the other gene of the pair works and can make up for the faulty copy.

Review meeting at school

A meeting held at school to discuss a child's progress and involves the parents/carer and all agencies working with the child. The child may also be invited to take part. Statements and Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans (co-ordinated support plans in Scotland) must be formally reviewed at least once a year.