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Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT4)

The Cognitive Ability Tests, Fourth Edition (CAT4) is an assessment of reasoning ability and likely academic potential. The test is available in both paper and digital formats and can be administered individually or in a group setting.

Age range

7 years, 6 months–17 years

Who can use it?


How is it used?

Children are asked to carry out quantitative, verbal, non-verbal and spatial tasks as part of an individual or group assessment.

What can it tell us?

The CAT4 provides scores comparable to group scores and offers an indicator table. Support documents CAT4 and Strategies for Learning take different pupil profiles and describe how these characteristics might look in the classroom, to help teachers see how effective strategies could help them perform to the best of their ability. Individual strategies are available for each of the individual profiles generated using CAT4.


  • Is well standardised.
  • Can be considered alongside a wide range of other factors, such as attitude to learning.
  • Other editions and associated tests are available (eg Irish version, attitudinal survey).
  • Instructional videos are available online.
  • Can be used in assessment without levels.


  • Very popular with schools for screening during the transition to secondary school. Care must be taken not to use the test again specifically for deaf children if it has already been used for transition. 

Is there a cost?


Where can I access it?

Can be purchased by schools only: