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Happy Futures: Transforming deaf children’s mental health

Photo: Join us to learn more about supporting your child’s emotional health and wellbeing.

Deaf children are 60% more likely to experience mental health problems than hearing children. There are lots of reasons for this, including communication barriers and social isolation. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

An event for parents and carers to learn more about supporting your child’s emotional health and wellbeing.

This free event will cover:

  • reasons why deaf children and young people are more likely to experience mental health issues
  • practical advice to encourage good emotional health among deaf children
  • real-life stories and experiences from other families and deaf young people.

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Frequently asked questions

What's on the programme?

Topics may include:

  • Emotional support techniques
  • Healthy Minds - supporting you to tackle issues like deaf children’s low self-esteem, isolation, stress and anxiety
  • Emotional resilience
  • Technology to support mental health
  • Hear real life stories from other parents and deaf young people
  • Activities and services run by National Deaf Children's Society and other organisations which can help your child's emotional health
  • Drop-in sessions with our Children and Families Support Officers
  • And lots more!
Is this event for me?

If your deaf child is aged 0-16 and you want to find out more about supporting their emotional health, then yes it is - book today.

How much does it cost?

The event is free, but booking is essential.

Can I bring my children?

No, this event is for adults only. However, if you are unable to secure childcare then please let us know.

How do I choose the sessions I want to go to?

We will contact you once the programme is confirmed so that you can choose your sessions.

I need an interpreter. Can you provide one?

Communication and language support is available upon request. This includes British Sign Language and other language interpreters.

I need some support to attend - can you help?

If there are any barriers to you attending this event, such as travel costs, please talk to us when making your booking and we'll see what is possible.