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Post-cochlea implant operation

Posted by ourknight
18/08/20 02:51 PM


My son, at 23 months, had his cochlea implant operation last Friday.

How long would you say it took for your child to be 100% recovered after the operation?

They said he would experience some symptoms (swelling, bleeding of the nose, pain and discomfort) which would be helped by administering ibuprofen and calpol for the first few days.

On day five, symptoms seem to be easing but he's got a hoarse voice which we've been told may be due to the anaesthethic? 

Also, are the magnetic implants different because we can barely find them on the sides of his head? We've been told they may have changed since the ones we've seen of other children yet I expected some visible change.

Anyone had any problems taking off the plastic straps or had to leave them on for a nurse to do? Wish us the best of luck as we'll be doing that today!

Thank you in any advance for any comments.

Posted by denise ndcs moderator
26/08/20 08:44 AM


Thanks for sharing your experience of your son's surgery and his recovery so far. It sounds like you're all doing really well.

Every child's recovery will be a bit different but if you do have any concerns do contact the implant team. Hopefully some other parents will comment and share their experiences too, which will be useful to you. 

You may also find it useful to have a look at the thread Mapping Appointments missed due to Covid 19 from a few weeks ago as their child is now at the mapping stage, having had the surgery earlier in the year. 

Best of luck with your son's recovery. 

Take care


Your Community moderator team

Posted by f
11/09/20 10:26 PM


congratulations on your sons CI son is now 19 months and had his operation at age 9.5 months and I remember how tough it is to watch them go through it all! 

So for us he had a lot of swelling and pain initially and he had a fever for a few days to the extent that we ended up in A&E twice and they ended up giving him a few weeks of oral antibiotics. Regular calpol and ibuprofen definitely helps. 

We also found that the implant centre team could answer a few questions we had when we went to our subsequent appointments..they checked the sutures and swelling etc and reassure/advised from their experience seeing other kids in the past. 

When you go for your initial appointments they will find the right strength so the magnet isn’t too weak that the coil falls off, but not too strong that it causes damage to the skin. This may need to be changed say if there is a lot of hair there etc but don’t worry they will regularly monitor and advise. 

Am not sure I remember about the plastic straps sorry .. hope all went well. 

Exciting times ahead..good luck! 

Posted by ourknight
13/09/20 04:14 PM

Thanks for the response, most helpful.

To update on the original post, his post operation symptoms waned off (hoarse voice) however there's still a little bit of stitch showing which we've been told should dissolve. 

It's a combination of speaking to our speech therapist and where we had the implant done to get reassurance in the early days and now we're in the switch on phase!