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How do I start a new thread?

To start a thread in Your Community you must first be logged in.

Before starting a new thread check someone else hasn’t already started one on the same issue, where you can join an existing discussion or find the information you are looking for.

See our guidance on searching and browsing discussions.

If there isn’t an existing thread, click on the relevant theme and then topic from the landing page.

Once you’re on the landing page for the relevant topic click on Start Thread button. Threads can appear in more than one topic. If you’re not sure which topic to start your thread in, pick one and you can add any additional topics at the next stage.

Your new thread will need a title. This will show in the list of threads and search results. It will be the first thing other members will see so you want it to give them a clear idea of what the thread is about.

“Select topic(s)” is where you can add the relevant topics for your thread. You can add more than one topic and this makes your thread easier for other members to find. However, please only add your thread to relevant topics.

Write your message in the text box. It is up to you how much you want to share but please make sure you have read the community guidelines before posting. You can edit the text using the icons above, using bold, underlining bullet points etc.

If you want to receive an email to let you know when someone replies on your thread please select the tick box “Email me replies to this post”,
Read over what you’ve written. When you’re happy with it click on “Post”.