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Why take part in the Big Cake Bake?

Photo: We helped Lily to grow in confidence with our Healthy Minds service.

Lily’s Mum, Nicki, tell us in her own words why supporting our charity by taking part in the Big Cake Bake is so important.

I watch my daughter Lily walk into the September sunshine. Today is Lily’s first day of secondary school. It’s a daunting prospect, full of fitting in and making friends. Lily has an extra reason to feel anxious – she’s deaf. 

Lily was four when we found out she was deaf. We were determined she’d feel normal and not be embarrassed. One day, when she was eight years old, she came home in tears.

"'Mam, look!' she said, showing me her book. Seeing what was written there felt like a punch to my stomach.

‘Ha ha, you’re deaf!’

How do you explain why someone would do that? We went to see Lily’s teacher, but the nasty jibes didn’t stop. Seeing our once happy girl so sad was heartbreaking.

Lily completely lost her confidence and didn’t want to go to school. Noisy playgrounds and cafeterias, where everyone talks at once, made it hard to follow conversation. If she missed a punchline, she was told ‘it doesn’t matter’ – it made Lily feel like she wasn’t worth the effort.

But there was a turning point – we found resources and support for Lily with the National Deaf Children’s Society.

Being bullied and feeling excluded is something many deaf children face. Did you know that two-thirds of deaf children have been bullied? 

Luckily, the National Deaf Children’s Society supported us with their Healthy Minds service. This teaches parents and professionals how to help deaf children like Lily deal with low self-esteem, stress and anxiety.

Now our bright spark Lily is ready for anything. When her little sister Fearne was born profoundly deaf she was thrilled to have another member of her special club! She tells everyone, loud and proud: “We’re deaf!” Without the charity's support, I don’t know where we’d be – that’s why it’s so important to support their work and get fundraising.

It’s wonderful to see Lily full of confidence again. She’s so bright and incredibly funny – always making us laugh, doing impressions of us all, and singing her heart out.

No child should be bullied or left out. Not every deaf child is as lucky as Lily. Your brilliant Big Cake Bake fundraising will help to make sure that the National Deaf Children’s Society can continue to build a brighter future for deaf young people. Thank you.