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Boehm Test of Basic Concepts, Third Edition (Boehm-3) Preschool

The Boehm Test of Basic Concepts (Boehm-3) Preschool is a standardised assessment to identify children’s understanding of basic relational concepts.

Age range

3–5 years, 11 months

Who can use it?

Any relevant professional, usually with a relevant degree.

How is it used?

Pupils are asked to carry out picture tasks which involve relational concepts. The test includes a parent report form for individual assessment and takes 20–30 minutes.

What can it tell us?

Boehm-3 produces raw scores, percent correct scores, performance range and percentiles. This means that the child’s score can be compared with that of hearing children of their age and grade.


  • Is well standardised.
  • Quick and easy to carry out and score.
  • Concepts are tested twice to determine level of understanding.
  • Includes a tool for observation and intervention.
  • Instructions and testing materials for children of different abilities.


  • Normed in the USA so care should be taken with UK comparisons.

Is there a cost?


Where can I access it?