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Moving 10 month old into 4 year old brothers room.

Posted by kirsty
05/10/20 10:01 PM

Hi, I currently have a 4 year old little boy and a 10 month old little boy who is deaf in both ears. We live in a two bedroom flat & im really worried about Moving my youngest into his brothers room, mainly because he has just started school & my youngest child is a lot harder to settle at night due to his hearing loss! I don't want either of them to disturb each other! Now I'm with a housing association and they won't move me to a 3 bed I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for me! I'd be really grateful especially if this has happened to you! 

Posted by catherine
20/10/20 05:51 PM

Hi there, 

My two boys share a room, lewis wears bilateral cochlear implants and he is 2, Luke is 3 1/2 with no hearing issues. Luke sleeps pretty well do rarely gets woken by Lewis, however i always put Lewis down before Luke and make sure he is sleeping when Luke goes to bed.

If there are any issues during the night i settle with me before returning him to his bed or sit with him till he goes back to sleep.  To be honest it works pretty well. 

I like that Luke is there incase any thing happens. You will find your routine and it will settle down.

I just moved lewis into a toddler bed...wait for that 😁

Posted by jimjamjem
12/05/21 12:31 PM

With support from your audiology department you can get a letter saying your child is deaf and requires a separate room which can get you "medical points" and further up the list with your LA for rehoming if that's of any use to you?