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Connecting bearing aids to a mobile phone

Posted by runningmummy
09/10/20 03:42 PM

My daughter (11) has Oticon Sensei Pro hearing aids. When using a mobile phone she has to have it on loudspeaker to hear. I know there are some mobiles which allow Bluetooth connection direct to the hearing aids. My phone has the option but I can't seem to connect her aids, has anyone successfully done this or know whether it is possible or maybe the function is not available on children's aids? She connects to a T-loop at home and an FM system without issue

Thanks in advance

Posted by bigninja
13/10/20 04:36 PM

Hi, Not sure if this helps. I think my son uses the same hearing aids and he has recently been given a Y code by his TOD (Teacher of the deaf) and this has done wonders for him. He is also 11 years old and he uses the Y code with his mobile, with Ipad and other electronic devices. He loves it so much we never really knew about the Y code and he used to just turn up volumes previously where as now he seems so attached to the Y code ear phones which just attaches to the shoe of his hearing aids, it's amazing to watch him feeling so relaxed with it all.

Posted by FanofPorth
15/10/20 11:02 AM

Hi, our 17 year old uses resounds. When we first approached his audiologist about this issue her immediate question was what phone does he have. Apparently the iPhones are much more set up for it and for linking and pairing. Fortunately he did have an iPhone. The linking is brilliant - phone calls now get bluetoothed straight into his hearing aids. There are lots of other functions as well, the one he is delighted with is the ability to stream music from his phone into his aids. He used to be really fed up that his mates could listen to music using earphones and he couldn't, but now he can. But we made him promise that he wouldn't put music on before a lesson at school and just listen to music in the lesson instead! As they stream through his aids it means no one knows when he is listening to music or not! His aids means he doesn't need a shoe fitted on to the aid, it is all in the aid and his phone. He loves it, and makes him feel like his mates, actually better than his mates!!!

Posted by nemofish
04/06/21 11:53 AM


I know this is a fairly old post now but I am interested to know what the original poster used in the end - as well as more about the resounds. 

My nearly 13 yo daughter has oticon sensei pros too and her audiologist suggested using a streamer to work by bluetooth to her aids. She has never used a radio aid at school but is now starting to struggle in her MFL lessons to hear recordings and so forth. She is fine with the teachers themselves. When we asked the hearing support team. they recommended what I think sounds like the Y code mentioned and said that streamers are now outdated? 

I am questionning this as surely bluetooth technology is more advanced than wired methods albeit more expensive. The cost is not the issue for us as let's face it, many hearing children have wireless airpods and so my daughter would like something similar (to her sister). It feels like a streamer would act like the airpords and so she could use them with ipads etc out of school too. I was amused to read about the promise required to not listen to music at school!! 

We would love to try a streamer out but the loan service is currently out of action due to covid. TIA for your thoughts. 

Posted by cc ndcs volunteer host
14/08/21 05:27 PM


Thank you for starting this thread and sharing your experiences with the community.

My young adult son who is moderately hearing impaired was prescribed Phonak hearing aids and shoes for them to be connected to his smartphone.  He finds this cumbersome and prefers just using his mobile phone earphones.  

For personalised advice, you can contact our Helpline team: who can provide information and advice relating to your concerns.  They can also put you in touch with our in-house technology expert if more specialist advice is required.

Take care!