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Transparent face masks - recommendations please

Posted by jaybird
28/02/21 09:28 PM

Does anyone have experience of GOOD transparent face coverings? My daughter (12yo) finds that anything people have tried either fogs up or distorts the look of the mouth so much that lipreading is impossible.

I'd love to get a pile of useful transparent masks for her school friends since it seems that everyone is going to have to wear them all day once they return to secondary school in a couple of weeks. She is so anxious that she will miss out on all the conversation once everyone is masked :(

Posted by bluebellpenguin
03/03/21 12:55 PM

Haven't bought any personally but have seen them on

Posted by rom-rom
03/03/21 01:09 PM

Again I haven't brought or used these masks but they are the only ones I have found that are look functional and decorative. 

Good luck in your searc, if yo find anything that is good can you post here please x

Posted by solero
03/03/21 01:48 PM

Hi, We sourced a transparent mask during Lockdown 1 on Etsy. To avoid it fogging up, it was recommended that you put washing up liquid on the see-through bit. It works initially and our daughter finds it easier to know what we're saying when we wear it. But really after 5 minutes of wear and talking it would become so unbearably steamy. We have used it when my deaf daughter and I have nipped in and out of shops and together last week at the opticians, but I cannot imagine talking with one on all day at school.

We'd also love to know if there are any successful models out there. I imagine there's been some design improvements since last spring. And hopefully come down in price - when looking last spring, most were over £20.

It's fantastic that friends/teachers are offering to wear clear masks so deaf children feel less isolated. So far here, our daughter is dusting off her Mini Mic to help take the pressure off lipreading, there are some children in her class exempt from wearing masks who will therefore make ideal work/social partners and the school is hoping to take advantage of the drier weather and get students outside, mask-free as much as possible. It's another big adjustment for kids.

Posted by bsl81
03/03/21 10:12 PM

Please contact the charity Chloe and Sophie's Special Ears Fund (CSSEF) for help with this. You can ask your daughter's school to email them on [email protected] to order some clear panelled masks or you could email them and copy your school in. The charity may offer a small amount for free but for larger orders, the school would be asked if they could make a contribution. They are an amazing charity always putting deaf children at the heart of everything.

Best wishes x

Posted by happyc
04/03/21 09:37 PM

I was in the RVI A&E in Newcastle and I met a woman who was wearing a transparent face cover. I actually asked her about it because it seemed so amazing. This woman said that she herself was HI and also had a friend at UNI who was so they both used these masks. I would actually want for myself so that my daughters wouldn't have to struggle by me having to be covered.... Anyway don't know exactly what it was she said she bought it onlide and if I remember it was quite costly. I did not notice it steaming up whilst I had this conversation.

I do wonder if mum of HI kids can an exemption for not wearing a masks? And the aduiologists!

Posted by flowerpot
05/03/21 08:57 PM

Hello, my husband is a teacher and his school are using clear masks from:{Ipurl}?ppc_keyword=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0abHt8GZ7wIVMoBQBh2lSwFMEAYYASABEgLkMPD_BwE

They steam a little at the start, but then settle down.

Good luck!  

Posted by Catriona ndcs moderator
09/03/21 04:38 PM


Thanks for all your comments and tips for using clear facemasks. 

Do check out our blog post about a what to look for when buying clear masks and suppliers.

We've also heard some Teachers of the Deaf are recommending anti-fog sprays and wipes, which are more commonly used for motorcycle helmets. 

As a few of you have mentioned even clear face masks can make lip reading difficult and muffle voices so it is also worth considering other reasonable adjustments for situations where masks need to be worn. We've also got a blog about face masks and communcation, with tips, which may help. 

If you've other questions about using face masks and need personalised advice you can always contact our Helpline

Take care


Your Community moderation team