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Devices worn on a headband

Photo: Devices can be worn on a metal or soft fabric headband

Bone conduction hearing aids and bone conduction hearing implant devices can also be worn on a headband (non-surgical).

The only brands currently available are: Cochlear Softband Baha, Oticon Softband Ponto, Contact Mini, Cochlear SoundArc, Medel ADHEAR and Bruckhoff Junior.

How do they work?

  • BCHD can be worn on a metal or soft fabric headband, adhesive adaptor (sticky pad), or occasionally on the arms of glasses.
  • The vibrator or sound processor of a BCHI is attached to the headband or sticky pad and is worn on the large bone you can feel behind your ear (the mastoid bone).
  • It vibrates in response to sound entering the microphone.
  • The microphone picks up the sounds and the processor transmits vibrations through the bones of the skull to the cochlea where they’re converted into sound in the usual way.

The fit should be snug and comfortable to hold the processor in place allowing the vibrations to pass through the skull effectively. If it doesn’t fit properly then the levels of sound your child hears may vary.

If you’re not sure what the right position is, check with your child’s audiologist.

A BCHD can be very useful for very young children who aren’t old enough for surgery and for those trying an implantable device (BCHI) before surgery.

Children will always trial the implantable devices on a soft band before surgery. Soft bands are also useful for very young children who aren't old enough for surgery yet.
The headbands are available in a range of sizes and colours and you can also customise your own.