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Post-14 education and preparing for adulthood

Photo: Steering young people in the right direction

Our resources for education, health and social care professionals who support deaf young people in post-14 support and moving to adulthood.  

Next steps: Supporting successful transitions into post-16 education and employment for deaf young people in England

Our resource will help professionals supporting all deaf young people in England through transition when they leave school or college. It includes checklist templates, case studies, guidance, references to further information and includes deaf young people’s experiences of transition and their views about how professionals can support them. 

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Supporting the achievement of deaf young people in further education

Our resource for college staff or other education professionals working with deaf young people in further education. It provides advice on effective support, deaf friendly teaching and improving outcomes.

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Supporting the achievement of deaf young people on apprenticeships

Our resource for apprenticeship training providers gives advice on how to ensure deaf young people can successfully complete their apprenticeship.

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Supporting the achievement of deaf young people in higher education

This resource for staff working in higher education provides advice on how to support deaf young people in higher education.

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Stepping Up: Quality Standards for Young Deaf Learners in Further Education

These quality standards have been drafted to ensure greater consistency of provision and to improve outcomes for deaf young people. They are supported by case studies and further resources.

Download the quality standards

Assessments of deaf children and young people

Our resource includes examples of a range of assessments commonly used with deaf children and young people of all ages in communication, language, listening, literacy, numeracy, cognitive development and social/emotional development. It also includes guidance on issues to consider when carrying out assessments as well as examples of assessments in practice.

Download the resource now

Watch our video below to get step-by-step instructions on how to use the resource with Teacher of the Deaf Tina.

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Breaking the sound barrier: A guide to recruiting and supporting deaf colleagues

This resource aims to help employers make sure their recruitment process and workplace are as fair and accessible to deaf people as possible. 

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Creating good listening conditions for learning in education

We've produced a series of resources to set out the simple steps that can be taken to improve the listening environment in nurseries, schools, and other education settings.  

Transitioning from paediatric to adult audiology services

We have produced guidance for those responsible for commissioning audiology services for teenagers and young adults. It highlights the key differences between paediatric and adult audiology care, and the main challenges deaf young people meet when transitioning between services.

Download it now

Separately, our briefing provides an introduction to some of the issues and challenges that deaf young people face in moving to adult hearing services. It will be helpful to all practitioners working with deaf young people.

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Other resources

See our other useful resources for professionals working to support deaf young people on moving into adulthood.