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Secondary education

Photo: Providing the right support for students in secondary education

We've got a range of free resources on deaf-friendly teaching for teachers, special needs staff and other education professionals supporting deaf children in secondary schools. 

Supporting the achievement of deaf children in secondary schools

This resource is for teachers, those with responsibility for coordinating special needs provision and any other education professional working with deaf children in primary schools. It sets out simple tips for deaf friendly teaching and inclusion in the classroom. 

Download the resource now

A summary version of this resource is also available along with a series of video clips for teachers, including subject specific advice for teachers of English, Maths, Science and Modern Foreign Languages.

Supporting the achievement of hearing impaired children in special schools

This resource is for staff working in special schools attended by deaf children with complex needs.

Download the resource now and watch our video below of top tips for staff working in special schools:

Supporting the achievement of deaf children in special schools

This video gives staff working in special schools five top tips on supporting a deaf child in their class. 

Assessments of deaf children and young people

Our resource includes examples of a range of assessments commonly used with deaf children and young people of all ages in communication, language, listening, literacy, numeracy, cognitive development and social/emotional development. It also includes guidance on issues to consider when carrying out assessments as well as examples of assessments in practice.

Download the resource now

Watch our video below to get step-by-step instructions on how to use the resource with Teacher of the Deaf Tina:

Deaf children and specialist assessments

Teacher of the Deaf Tina tells us how to use our teaching resource on assessments.

Assess, plan, do, review (England)

Our presentation explains how the 'assess, plan, do, review' cycle can be applied to deaf children to improve outcomes. It is intended for use by Teachers of the Deaf or other specialist staff with mainstream teachers or other education staff.

Download the presentation

The National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) have also produced guidance on how 'assess, plan, do, review' can be applied to deaf children.

Download the guidance

Be Safe and Smart Online

These lesson plans provide information on why deaf children and young people need to be taught about online safety and three lesson plans – on social networking sites, sexting and cyberbullying – to teach them how to be safe and smart online.

Download the lesson plans now 

There is also a tips flyer How to Stay Safe and Smart Online for young people and a webpage for parents.

Created in collaboration with Childnet International.

Buddy up! Setting up a peer support scheme for deaf pupils in your school

Our toolkit for teachers explains how they can set up a peer support scheme for deaf pupils.

Download the guide now

There is also a separate guide for teachers in primary schools

Bullying and deaf children: A guide for primary and secondary schools

Our resource provides guidance on how schools can adapt existing arrangements for preventing bullying and handling bullying incidents involving deaf pupils. 

Download the resource now

Resources for parents and young people are also available on our Bullying and deaf children page.

Here to Learn video clips

Our Here to Learn video clips include basic information on the practical steps which school staff can take to be more deaf aware and include deaf children and young people in all aspects of school life.

Look, Smile, Chat - promoting deaf awareness

The Look, Smile, Chat lesson plans aim to improve teenagers’ understanding of deafness.

Download the lesson plans now

Other resources are available from the National Deaf Children's Society Buzz website

Supporting the achievement of deaf children who use English as an additional language

The resource provides advice on support to deaf children of all ages who speak English as an additional language (EAL), including children who have yet to start school and their families. The resource is aimed at Teachers of the Deaf and other professionals who work with deaf children who use EAL, including special or additional needs coordinators and EAL coordinators. 

Download the resource now

A short top-tips video is also available. 

We would like to thank The Bell Foundation for their funding, expertise and support in the development of these resources. 

Other education resources

These resources have been developed by the Government or other organisations for education professionals that may be helpful for your work with deaf children.

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